Peter Van Derick

  I Pagliacci - Tonio
“With the opening phrases of the Prologue, Peter Van Derick established his vocal command of the role of Tonio. His voice has matured and darkened nicely to a caramel richness of tone and texture. This, couple with a great technical strength, wisely and beautiful applied, produced an arresting Prologue and a riveting performance as the antagonist in the ‘play within a play’ that followed.”
San Bernardino Sun

Madama Butterfly - Sharpless
“In his portrayal of the consul, Peter Van Derick combined exterior dignity with a sense of interior gentleness, compassion and wisdom. ...and this was a near-perfect performance - beautifully sung and dramatically moving.

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Peter Van Derick in the role of Thomas Garrett, A Woman Called Moses. Virginia Opera.

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